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5 Automation Predictions for 2023 from IT Leaders

By Kevin Casey
December 22, 2022
“Automation is quickly becoming table stakes in business operations. Expect to see much more of it in the coming year.” (Casey, 2022)

Automation is clearly a big part of the IT conversation these days – and it’s set to be even more prevalent in the year ahead. With that in mind, we asked various IT leaders what’s on their minds in terms of automation now and in the year ahead. Automation is, of course, a big sweeping term – and so we’re treating it as such, covering everything from containerization and orchestration to security automation to AI/ML and more.

5 trends to pay attention to in 2023

1. Automation becomes a must have
2. AI use cases grow fastest at the edge
3. Automation drives enterprise evolution from DevOps to DevSecOps
4. Automation gives sustainability initiatives a boost
5. Automation adoption follows cloud cost optimization initiatives

The capabilities automation is bringing to the table for businesses are unmatched.

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