Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Engineer (Financial Services)




AXI is seeking an experienced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Engineer to invent, design, and implement intelligent automation solutions for its clients across the financial services industry. The position reports directly to the VP of Engineering within the AXI Product Development Group.

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Bachelor’s degree in computer science or master’s degree in a STEM discipline is preferred 



  • 3-4 years’ experience with UiPath or equivalent preferred 
    Five years of experience in a technology organization required. 
  • Experience with banking and/or the financial services industry is preferred. 
  • Experience with C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, SQL, Visual Basic, APIs, Python, and/or R is preferred 
  • Functional knowledge of Agile development and software development lifecycle management principles.
  • Experience with business process improvement, including process mapping and design-based thinking.
  • Nimble learner with ability to stay current on emerging technologies, novel use cases, and industry best practices. 
  • Experience deploying RPA solutions to server and cloud platforms, including bot credentialing, data security management, and process scheduling
  • Experience developing RPA solutions that integrate with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing software such as OCR.

RPA Certified Professional Credential or commensurate certification is preferred


  • Develop, test, and optimize RPA scripts to automate routine tasks and decisions
  • Collaborate with systems architects to implement automation solutions into enterprise architectures
  • Build and maintain object libraries that promote rapid prototyping
  • Consult on process definition documents and maintain technical documentation for RPA solutions
  • Conduct testing and support user acceptance testing and implementation activities
  • Provide recommendations for integrating RPA solutions into enterprise applications and architectures
  • Communicate effectively with technical and non-technical audiences in a variety of channels (written, oral, presentation) on technical, business process, and strategy topics
  • Promote agile development practices by maintaining code libraries and doing rapid prototypes
  • Ensure automation projects adhere to set standards and solution architecture
  • Develops complex automation to support broader technology and business strategies

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