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AXI Expert Opinion

Automation has become the most powerful tool for productivity and process efficiency. Businesses are adopting automation at an astonishing rate as they seek to stay competitive in today’s economy. However, businesses are still uncertain about how to manage and apply automation best practices. If you’re looking to improve your business processes and become more agile, we’re here to help with our expertise in automation services that have already helped thousands of clients compete in an increasingly automated economy. Read more for our expert opinion.

Process Discovery Assessment

Process Discovery is the first step in automating business processes in workflows that create data and systems to benefits a business’ growth.
Here’s a good overview of Process Discovery: Process Discovery: What it is & How it works (aimultiple.com)

RPA Center of Excellence

“Robotic process automation (RPA), also known as software robotics, uses intelligent automation technologies to perform repetitive office tasks of human workers.”

This article has more details: What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? | IBM

SOC Compliance

“The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) developed the SOC reporting process to help companies accurately assess risks associated with using service organizations.”

Here’s a good overview: What is SOC Compliance, and Why Do Your Vendors Need It? (truecommerce.com)

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration allows for digital business in the cloud to be accessed anywhere, at any time.

Here’s a good overview: What is Cloud Migration | Microsoft Azure

Contact Center Automation

Contact Center Automation is lightening up the repetitive tasks on the human workforce and giving more definition to their positions while the rots work behind the scenes. Contact Center Automation is around the clock service that allows for customer service anytime of the day.

Click here to read more: Essential Types of Contact Center Automations (roboticsandautomationnews.com)

Technology Cost Reduction

Technology is redefining the way we budget a business’ expenses, and the benefits of the cost reductions are unmatched.

Read this for a good overview: How Technology is Helping Businesses Reduce Cost – Business 2 Community