About Us

AXI is building a team 

and industry-specific process automation professional network 

that will change how people work.

We Enable the Fully Automated System

The time has come for every company to eliminate burdensome workflows employees must deal with day-in-day-out. AXI’s approach is that automation accelerates business success and gives back valuable time to your employees so they can focus on what matters most – THE CUSTOMER.

We are
Global in Scope

Our home base is in the manufacturing heartland, Cleveland, Ohio; however, we have technology partnerships from Silicon Valley to Australia and from Hyderabad, India to Philadelphia, PA.

FOUNDER and Vision

“I started AXI to bring the amazing benefit of automation technologies to those that have yet to begin the journey. For years large corporations have invested billions in process automation capabilities, and now the time has come for small and medium-sized companies to join in.”


George Mehok, AXI’s founder, has extensive knowledge and experience in financial services and technology. He believes in collaboration and a common sense of purpose to innovate. He’s dedicated to building a company that will transform the future of work with intelligent automation and data-driven insights for all.

How to bring
advanced process automation
to your organization


ApertureXI Technologies welcomes those looking to make a difference. AXI offers a highly collaborative work environment that promotes a diverse and innovative culture with flexible, remote work and aims to support our associates’ personal and career growth.