Supercharging Workflow Automation with AI: ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing

By Chief Automation Officer, George K. Mehok


October 16, 2023

In the accelerating era of business digitalization, leveraging the vast potential of AI-enabled automation workflows is no longer an option—it’s imperative. We’re at the cusp of reshaping the dynamics of business efficiency.


With AI technologies like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing evolving at a pace yet to be seen in modern history, key business functions spanning Accounting, HR, Marketing, and Sales are poised to experience groundbreaking transformations. In this article, we will highlight the AI leaders and focus on real-world examples of how AI-enabled workflow automation can be implemented in your business, from HR onboarding to Marketing Trend analysis and more.


The Artificial Intelligence Big-Three


ChatGPT by OpenAI: Best known for its prowess in generating human-like text, ChatGPT is a versatile tool fit for an extensive range of business applications.


Bard by Google: An evolving AI platform, Bard excels at information extraction, offering tools for content summarization, sentiment analysis, and more.


Bing (AI) by Microsoft: Bing’s AI capabilities, powered by Microsoft, have broadened beyond search. The AI can provide contextual understanding, image recognition, and has a suite of cognitive services that can enrich various workflows.



Benefits of AI-Driven Integration


Superior Customer Engagement: These AI tools can handle customer queries, feedback collection, and even personalized marketing with precision.


Enhanced Decision Making: With Bard’s summarization and Bing’s cognitive services, businesses can derive insights faster, aiding swift decision-making.


Operational Efficiency: Automate data collection, entry tasks, report generation, and many other repetitive tasks, freeing up human resources.


Adaptive Learning & Growth: As these AI models interact and learn, they continuously refine their responses, leading to improved service over time.



Business Uses of Workflows with AI Integration


Let’s dive into AI-integrated workflow automation and examples of how these tools can bring to each key area of your business.


AI in Accounting


1.     Invoice Processing: Using Bing’s image recognition, swiftly scan and extract data from invoices. ChatGPT can validate these details, and if discrepancies are detected, launch a workflow for resolution.

2.     Expense Tracking & Analysis: Allow Bard to sift through expense reports, producing concise summaries. ChatGPT can then notify finance teams of anomalies or propose fiscal improvements.

3.     Financial Forecasting: Combining Bing’s search capabilities for market trends and Bard’s analytical capabilities, businesses can derive precise financial forecasts. ChatGPT can explain these predictions for varied stakeholders.

4.     Tax Compliance: Engage Bing’s AI to remain updated with ever-evolving tax norms. ChatGPT can assist in ensuring adherence, while Bard provides overviews of potential financial statement impacts.


AI in Human Resources


1.     Resume Screening: Employ Bard for preliminary resume analyses based on requisite skills and experience. ChatGPT can then schedule interviews or offer feedback to applicants.

2.     Employee Onboarding: With ChatGPT, new hires can navigate company protocols, benefits, and initial duties. Concurrently, Bard can encapsulate employee obligations and rights for rapid assimilation.

3.     Feedback & Performance Review: Engage Bard to dissect feedback forms, producing manager-friendly insights. ChatGPT can enrich the review process, suggesting discussion themes and recommendations.

4.     Workplace Engagement Analysis: With ChatGPT-managed surveys, Bard can assess workplace sentiment and identify trends, while Bing offers industry-standard comparisons or contemporary research insights.

5.     Training & Development: Bing’s AI ensures HR remains updated with state-of-the-art training methodologies. ChatGPT offers personalized training content, while Bard condenses progress metrics for HR evaluation.


AI in Marketing


1.     Customer Segmentation: Harness Bard to examine customer feedback. Bing can contextualize market sentiments, and ChatGPT can mold these insights into actionable marketing strategies.

2.     Content Strategy: Deploy ChatGPT for generating targeted marketing messages, blog entries, or social media content.

3.     Ad Campaign Refinement: With Bing, monitor keyword and ad placement performances. Bard can evaluate success metrics, allowing ChatGPT to suggest ROI-boosting adjustments.

4.     Trend Analysis: Combine Bing’s trend-spotting capabilities with Bard’s summarization. ChatGPT can then craft timely, relevant marketing campaigns.

5.     Tailored Marketing: Based on Bard and Bing-derived insights, ChatGPT can conceive personalized email campaigns or product suggestions, augmenting customer engagement.


AI in Sales


1.     Lead Prioritization: Task Bard with scanning and ranking leads. ChatGPT can then engage, answering queries and guiding them through the sales pipeline.

2.     Competitive Research: Using Bing, stay abreast of competitor activities. Bard sumamrizes these insights, and ChatGPT strategizes counteractions or unique propositions.

3.     Sales Projections: Marrying historical data with Bing’s market insights and Bard’s evaluations, ChatGPT can offer refined sales forecasts.

4.     Post-sale Engagement: ChatGPT can automate post-sales follow-ups, ensuring sustained client engagement.

5.     Product Recommendations: The AI trio can empower sales teams with a deeper understanding of client preferences, leading to pinpoint product or service suggestions.


From Accounting to Sales, integrating ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing into your company’s workflows signifies more than just efficiency and precision—it will be transformative to your business operations. At AXI, we understand the potential of AI-driven workflows; combined with the resources and tools, we are committed to ensuring your success. Let AXI be your trusted partner in bringing this transformative capability to your business.